Numb Lumbar

respect the heavy dead.

  • Ascending Deadlifts: Working up to a 1-2 rep heavy weight (95% max)
  • AMRAP Pull-Ups: Complete ‘as many reps as possible’ of either chin-ups or pull-ups
  • Banded Deadlifts: Can be completed w/ a single band by draping over the bar. See video here.
  • Deficit Deadlifts (i.e. stand on 45 lb plate): Working with a lighter weight. Seriously starting to overdue the lower back work at this stage 🙂
  • Cheat Rows: Throw some body English on those bad boys. Like this. Pick a moderately heavy weight, aiming for 8 reps (heavier than you’d use for strict rows).


Decrease Difficulty

  • Reduce weight percentages for deadlifts (see template).
  • Use band or chair-assist for pull-ups.

Increase Difficulty

  • Perform loaded pull-ups.
  • Utilize more difficult variations (i.e. wide grip pull-up).